Friends of the Wild Swan’s on-the-ground knowledge and long-term commitment to the environment enhances our capacity to protect and restore water quality, fish and wildlife habitat. Many of the issues we work on are intertwined, ongoing and evolving. For 25 years we have strategically built upon our past accomplishments so state and federal lands can continue to provide essential habitat for imperiled lynx, grizzly bears, wolverine and bull trout as well as other birds, animals and fish.

Critical habitat designation for lynx and bull trout, clean up plans for impaired waters and Forest Plan standards for imperiled wildlife are among the tools that we helped develop and use to shape projects and policies on state and federal lands. Our goal is to make sure that imperiled species are on the path to recovery through protecting and restoring their aquatic and terrestrial habitat. There is still work to be done to halt the irretrievable loss of old-growth forest habitat, to protect native bull trout, to restore water quality and to preserve key wildlife linkage corridors.

We are up to the challenge but we need your support. Please help us protect this vitally important habitat for future generations.




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